Hansoft 7.5

- Scaling Agile to new levels

Hansoft 7.5 – scaling Agile to new levels

The Hansoft team proudly presents a release based on feed-back from our enterprise customers using Hansoft to scale agile super-large.

New features like “flexible release tagging” make life easier in large complex development situations with multiple parallel development streams on the team, program or portfolio level.


Video demo of the new features in Hansoft 7.5

New features in Hansoft 7.5

Flexible release tagging:

  • Allows targeting several releases in one sprint
  • Lets you do release planning in the product backlog and capture emergent work in sprints on the fly

Improved sprint burndown charts

  • Ideal burndown line and option to burn in the starting value for work remaining after the sprint planning is done
  • Ability to turn off the sprint prediction and exclude non-working days

Status summary improvements:

  • Subprojects shows “In progress” when they contain unfinished items
  •  Items with “To be deleted”- status are excluded from the summary

Other improvements:

  • Improvements to the product backlog window makes it possible to move it behind other windows and to minimize it
  • Option to lock the position of the “item name” column
  • Ability to archive releases
  • Improved reports editor with the ability to sort groups
  • Sorting column in the to-do list for customized sorting of tasks
  • Ability for all users to share reports
  • Option to update or create new tasks when importing an xml
  • Ability for main managers to add or remove users to projects

Release notes for Hansoft 7.5 can be found here

Large Scale Agile in the real world

  • January 9 2014
  • Posted By Svante Lidman
In the software development industry much of the early agile experiences are from development of pure software systems with standard architectures and primarily in green-field development.