New Hansoft 6.5 successfully launched

  • December 1 2010
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New Hansoft 6.5 simplifies global collaboration.

The new version of Hansoft includes a number of features to simplify global collaboration, such as a Japanese and Chinese localisation, better functionality for outsourcing and distributed collaboration as well as improvements to simplify work for team managers.

“We have noticed a rapidly growing interest in Japan and China for the increased team efficiency Hansoft can bring. Many of our customers there have asked for Hansoft being localised and we are now very happy to release a version localised in Japanese and mainland Chinese, complete with translated help files. We will also offer technical support by e-mail in Japanese and Chinese,” said Hans Andersson, Chief Development Officer at Hansoft.

Other significant news in Hansoft 6.5 include tools for embedding and editing images directly in the comments field, show options that help you see just the information most relevant to you, database caching for better performance on low bandwidth.

Hans continued: “We have made Hansoft simpler to use for team managers, and anyone else who work in a large scale multi team environment with massive product backlogs. Collaboration on graphical work is also made more visual with the new ability to include and do mark-ups on images in discussion threads. This makes both distributed and outsourced work easier.”




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