Educational license

Hansoft’s educational license started as an initiative from the industry. There was a need for graduates with more relevant experience and several studios suggested that we made Hansoft available to students at an early stage in their education. Today, Hansoft is being used by future software developers in student projects all over the world.

Make your course more competitive and prepare your students for the demands of the industry with a best of breed tool – well established on the market.

Hansoft’s Educational license is free of charge for non-profit educational projects. Contact [email protected] for more information.


“Preparing future developers for a successful career in the games industry means familiarizing students with all aspects of working on a team in a studio environment. Hansoft, being introduced in the classroom, immediately increased students’ productivity on their projects while the integrated social tools facilitated communication between asynchronous classes. Utilizing Hansoft ensures that our graduates are proficient with professional software and production methods; which will give them a distinct advantage when starting at a new place of employment.”

Senior Projects Instructor, Academy of Interactive Enterntainment


“With Hansoft’s educational license, we get the opportunity to use a professional tool at undergraduate level, something that makes our students better equipped to create high quality media and develop professional practices that will get them that dream job after graduation. We expect our students to work on computer games development projects in a professional studio environment, and in a professional manner. Hansoft enables the students to work together across courses and disciplines with improved communications, project management and reporting practices.”

Director of Academic Enterprise, University of Abertay Dundee


“The University of Bradford is committed to making knowledge work for our students now and in their future. Our teaching staff have years of industry experience, and using leading industry standard software in all aspects of our computer game degree and postgraduate courses is part of this commitment. We are extremely pleased to offer the use of Hansoft to our students, empowering them to manage their own development projects in a versatile and proven format that will give them a solid start to a career in the games industry.”

Course Leader, BA Graphics for Games,University of Bradford



“Hansoft is a vital and powerful tool for agile game development. With its easy to use interface, high accessibility and great ways for all kinds of collaborative work as well as its potent built-in bug tracking tool we found it to be the perfect solution for all of our software projects. Preparing the students for the future is important for a modern university, and using a professional tool like Hansoft from an early stage make our young talents better equipped to succeed on a highly competitive job market.”

Professor at University of Paderborn


“At Image Campus, we have identified that one of the major problems within many Digital Media Development Studios, and particularly Games Development Studios, is the lack of use of good project management methodologies and tools. In the process we tried many project management tools, from off-the-shelf products to open source solutions, until we found and chose to use Hansoft. One of the greatest advantages of Hansoft is the ability to integrate agile development methodologies with collaborative scheduling in one view. This speeds up production cycles and puts data in the hands of Project Managers with real time reporting. Also by having an integrated tool deployed across the studio, artists, developers and project managers all know exactly where they are in the production cycle and what is left to tackle in each hierarchical level. We consider project management skills key factors of success and we truly believe that teaching them is an obligation for serious schools who care about the quality of their graduates and about their future in a competitive industry. Hansoft’s educational license allows us to do so and we expect that Hansoft will keep addressing studios needs and to provide top quality software in the future.”

Institutional Relations Manager,Image Campus