Starting it up with Hansoft Small Team edition

You have a great idea. A creative vision of this amazing game or application that will revolutionize the world!

You gather some friends and start planning your project. You assign tasks and responsibilities, suggest timelines for getting things done and for re-evaluating progress. And start to work. Work, work, work… until you realize that there is little to no progress.

What you thought was a unified vision by a group of close friends is now an unorganized mess. Timelines are missed, goals misinterpreted and communication is non-existent. Moral drops and no one seems that passionate anymore. Your vision is slipping away…


Wait a second, what happened?

Is there anything you can do to steer things back on track again, and more important, how can you avoid getting into this situation in the first place? We have collected a few tips and tricks to help you getting a better start on your journey towards realizing your dream.


1. It all starts with the vision.

It is well-invested time to really make sure your vision is accessible and easy to understand. Don’t take for granted that you all have the same perception, the more complex the vision the more likely that you all have different interpretations, so keep it simple. The team needs to be able to work with that vision; add, prioritize, and follow the creative process without impediments.


2. Agree on a way of working.

It might sound boring, but you need to establish an agreed way of working with a basic structure of: Planning > Scheduling > Working through that schedule > Reviewing the completed work.


3. Repeat the workflow.

If you did this well, all you have to do now is to repeat this workflow until you realize the vision. Now, you don’t want to spend your days pushing papers around so the process has to be fast and easy. And this is the reason why we launched the Start-up License, making Hansoft available for teams up to 9 users. And guess what, it doesn’t cost you a cent!


Ready to give it a try?

Download your free Start-up License here.

Watch a short video on how to set up Agile project in Hansoft here:

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